Natural Cork Stoppers

Artisan tradition in each of the elaboration processes

Cork quality

The cork that we use is produced in our own forests, and is a slow-growing cork, which provides very high quality in our products that have the qualification of “Natural Product of the Sierra Espadán Natural Park“.

Cork Density

The corkage of our cork oaks is done every 12-14 years, giving our corks a unique density and characteristics.

We have a large team of experienced personnel who are in charge of each phase of the production process.

Cork collection

The collection of the cork is the task of a specialized team and is carried out in a total artisan manner and with absolute respect for the environment.

The cork sheets are left to air for a minimum of 8 months in the same natural environment and far from sources of pollution and contamination.

For the elaboration of our natural cork stoppers we follow the following productive process


Made by specialized personnel, in a traditional way, with the same process that was used at the beginning of our company.


The cork sheets are left to air outdoors for a minimum of 8 months, in the heart of the Sierra Espadán Natural Park away from sources of pollution and contamination.


After orientation, the cork is selected and boiled. This process is carried out with a boiler fed with biomass to reduce emissions as much as possible.


After the boiling, the cork is selected again according to its quality for the elaboration of the different corks that we make: corks of 44, 49, and 54 mm. The corks obtained are rectified to the wished measurement, guaranteeing the absence of ovulation and the parallelism of the bases.


The corks obtained undergo selection processes by an artificial vision and then our specialized personnel manually classify the different qualities.


All caps are treated with sanitizing and waterproofing agents.


The stoppers can be personalized with the winery’s logo, in ink or fire, then the stoppers are subjected to a softening treatment, which can be the standard one (with paraffin and silicone) or with beeswax, and finally, they are sterilized, packaged and sent to our customers.

In Espadán Corks each order is treated in a unique and independent way, guaranteeing the traceability of our products.

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