Four generations of craftsmen

We make natural cork stoppers in a handmade and personalized way

At Espadán Corks we extract the cork from our own forests located in the Sierra de Espadán Natural Park. The process is carried out with absolute respect for the environment and in a traditional way. The use of natural cork is a sustainable activity, as only the bark of the tree is extracted and its exploitation helps to preserve the forests by protecting them from fires and desertification.

What is cork and where is it extracted from?

Cork is the bark of the cork oak, a tree that grows in the Western Mediterranean. As the tree increases in size, its stem thickens, accumulating dead and hollow cells in its bark, which is, the cork itself. This layer protects the most sensitive areas of the tree. The forests where we extract the cork have been our property for more than 70 years.

Why choose a natural cork stopper?

Natural cork stoppers, due to their unique composition, allow small doses of oxygen to enter the bottle. This effect is known as micro-oxygenation, which is fundamental for the preservation of aged wines, reserve, or grand reserve wines. Our product is handmade and personalized, perfect for organic wineries, as it can be treated naturally with beeswax.


Espadán Corks provides high quality natural cork stoppers to wineries around the world.


A family business with 4 generations of master cork craftsmen.


We extract only the bark of the cork tree, in an artisan and respectful way with the environment.


We carry out sensorial and halo analysis controls of batches, at the request of our clients.

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We are specialists in the manufacture of high quality natural cork stoppers

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