Four generations of craftsmen

Producing natural cork stoppers

Family Tradition

Espadán Corks is a family business, 4th generation of cork craftsmen, dedicated to the cultivation and treatment of cork. We specialize in the production of for still wines.

Our Own forests

We are cork producers in the Sierra Espadán Natural Park, where we have our own cork oak forests. We are proud to maintain them in an ecological and sustainable way with total respect for the environment.

Adolfo Miravet – Manager

Committed to the Environment

We are committed to our environment, we maintain the traditions and artisan procedures in each of the integrated processes in the elaboration of the cork. The company is located in the heart of the Sierra Espadan mountains, thus reducing to a minimum the emissions necessary to bring cork to the factory. We are a company that controls the entire process of cork production, from the maintenance and sustainability of our cork oak groves, until the cork reaches the cellars for use. We are committed to customer satisfaction and we offer a close and personalized treatment, with close contact with us.

Are you interested in our product?

We are delighted to receive your enquiry and to explain in detail the main characteristics of our natural cork stoppers. A unique and totally customizable product.

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